Published on Jul 24, 2016

Resample Guåhan

“Resample Guåhan” is a 20 and a half minute long soundscape composition by South Auckland Urban/ Pacific/ Avant Garde Music Producer ‘Anonymouz’ (Matthew Faiumu Salapu), created entirely out of audio samples recorded on location from the various natural environments and performance events taking place around Guam at the recent 12th International Pacific Arts Festival.

The soundscape, intricately constructed using urban Hip Hop music production techniques as well as an EQ filtering method where he is able to tune any location sound recording into a tuned, playable keyboard instrument is also accompanied by visuals shot on location by international award winning videographer Tuki Laumea, assisted by Junior Nanai.

The sampled audio recordings have also been loosely arranged thematically and chronologically to the story of I’iga Pisa, one of the original ten ‘Mau a Pule’ Samoan “matai’s” (chiefs) who was exiled by the German government to Saipan in 1909, before he daringly voyaged solo across to Guam to further educate himself before returning back to Samoa many years later. He was the only surviving member of the original exiled group to witness Samoa’s Independence Day in 1962, a fitting story that coincidentally parallels the current plight of the indigenous Chamorro people of Guåhan/ Guam who will soon be voting for their own.


Published on May 11, 2015
“KOTUKU RERENGA TAHI – The white heron’s flight is seen only but once’
First movement – ONE
Second movement – FLOWN AWAY
Third movement – THE LOVED

In being commissioned by Auckland Council last year to create their very first commissioned Public Sound artwork (to adorn the new Glen Innes Music & Arts Centre), it said on my contract that my role was that of Music Producer & Composer; in reality, my role was more that of an adventurer, researcher, archaeologist, scientist, diplomat, referee, social worker etc.

It was a dynamic journey that included everything from sitting in offices across from CEO’s who control millions of local Housing funding dollars to chilling with the local homies on their front porches over a few cold ones on weekends; from A&E visits and tetanus shots to last minute road trips across the North island found ourselves out on river heads in Patea and wading Manawatu Gorge waters wielding microphones in the quest to explore amazing links to these areas and bring them back to the community for our young ones to hear and connect with.

It was a huge honour to work alongside some very special artists to whom I will forever be grateful; composers Jerome Cowley of Ngati Whatua Orakei, Mahu Rawiri of Ngati Paoa, and George Kahi of Ngati Paoa, I have been truly blessed to witness your amazing craft and skills, and be inspired & influenced by your korero & wisdom. Our noho Marae session creating side by side will forever be a most cherished memory.

Martin Leung Wai, you are an amazing & inspirational artist, I am forever grateful for the opportunity to work alongside you and gain insights into your approach and outlook on life and creativity. All the best for your upcoming journey. Also a huge thank you to Petelo Esekielu for your help and guidance.

I am indebted to Georgie Thompson, Tautoko Whittaker, Ann Makea & whanau, Matua Jim Penny, Whaea Nelly Kirkwood and everyone over at Ruapotaka Marae; I could not have completed this journey without your support. The three weeks studio relocation there in the kaituna with mattress has been one of the most profound & transformational experiences ever.

David Thomas, I thank you on behalf of Council for believing in me to deliver these works; it is an understandably tricky beast that you navigate within the workings of the system, but I applaud and commend your spirit and assistance in helping us get to the finish line.

Tamati Patuwai, only yesterday have some finally heard the sheer depth of your amazing oratory and connection to the area that I have been blessed to witness many times in your artistic & spiritual contributions; it is only befitting of the scale of this work to have you open these soundscapes atop of Taurere mountain itself. I humbly thank you for guiding me.

A huge thank you to the local musicians of GI who contributed; Dave Dobbyn, Thom Nepia, Malcolm Lakatani, Mark Arona, Outloc da Don, Ipu & Paul, Tasha Hohaia, DJs Deviox & TooEzy, JustnFX & many others; Also a big thank you to Murray Fisher of Native Audio who did a great job on the final mixing & mastering.

A huge thank you also to all the local schools & music teachers, churches, choirs, community & cultural groups etc. Major thanks also to the various community members like Dennis O’Connor, Josephine Bartley, Alan Verall, GI librarians and others who were also invaluable in their support.

Titahi, Parehuia, Turi, Turanga-i-mua, Ruahine & William Innes Taylor – though you all walked this land many generations ago, I pray that you know my heart & intentions to creatively depict your stories through sound is pure; to inspire our rangatahi, connect people, demographics and generations from all walks of life, and provide inspiration and healing through sound.

The centre’s name “Te Oro” refers to the ancient local phenomenon of wind blowing over the crater of Maungarei (Mt Wellington) and then creating a drone sound.

All six soundscapes simultaneously start and loop every half hour, all starting with a sound tag of wind recorded at the peak of the mountain which then morphs into a resampled wind tone recorded in the crater. All three Iwi Soundscapes play a lower base note- All three Community Soundscapes play one eleven notes higher. This is creatively based on the concept of recent scientific proof that cancer cells can be killed with targeted sound frequencies eleven octaves apart.

All my aroha and gratitude to the community of Ukutoia – Glen Innes, Eastside G.I. It has been an honour to serve you.

This work may only be heard at Te Oro, 98 Line Road, Glen Innes, Auckland



Published on November 28, 2014

download1Resample Otahuhu is a piece of music composed specially for Neighbourhood by the extraordinarily talented Matthew Salapu aka online


Watch online





Published on May 11, 2014


“Resample: South Auckland” is a conceptual ten minute audio exhibition piece (in a four movement symphonic structure) by Music Producer/ Composer Anonymouz created exclusively out of location sounds recorded around South Auckland interwoven with live strings and piano.

It was premiered at the Mangere Arts Centre, South Auckland, NZ on Friday 9th May 2014.

A unique new way of telling local South Auckland (NZ) stories through the genetic engineering of it’s very own sounds & frequencies.

Note: The changing visual clips throughout the track itself indicate & portray the locations or events from which a particular sound that is playing at that moment is resampled from.  Full resampled instrument tracklisting at the end.



Published on 16 September 2012